Rodrigo Bittar - Estúdio de Design


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product development and management;
portfolio analysis;
brand strategy and management;
identity development;
brand (re)positioning;
market and trends researches and analyses;
sales performance;
product segmentation;
sketch and technical drawing;
3D modeling;

Products and services belong to the set of elements that generates relevance and attributes to a company, leading to a remarkable and consistent brand of unique recognition, known by people and distinguished among competitors.

From the initial ideas to the final product, there is a process of research and idea generation that involves the interests of people, the company and the market, combined with aesthetic, functional, emotional and experiential concepts.

According to design features, we conduct studies of shape, surface, texture, colors, materials and graphic patterns to stimulate associations, perceptions and feelings that are created and maintained in people's thoughts considering emotional and functional benefits.

Furthermore, with the intent to make the project feasible, we also consider: technical standards and laws, production and logistics processes, research of suppliers and lifecycle (use, maintenance and discard).




Understand, imagine and explore.

With a strategic and holistic view, we combine analytical thinking and creativity to identify and solve problems and needs and to simplify complexities in this dynamic world.

Planning: from development to execution.

In order to understand the situations, we base and enrich our ideas through research, analysis and interpretation of information. We prototype, test and classify the possible solutions with the aim of validating an appropriate proposal.

Emotional, physical and virtual relations.

We observe and experience the situations from the proper perspective to see beyond the interactions between the object of study, the user and the environment.




We appreciate the collaboration of the people, the company and our network of partners to accomplish ideas.

Our process is adaptable, we define the proper method to conduct the project and set goals considering particular features and variable factors of the situation.

We consider the balance between wishes, needs and wills of people, technical feasibility and economic viability of the company.

We are interested in understanding behaviors, values, traditions and trends according to inherent aspects from different cultural, economic and social realities.

We reflect on the processes adopted to improve the company's standards.